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BASIC 1 (Elementary)

New English File Elementary Website

English File Elementary

Unit 1 Verb To Be, Numbers, Colours, Days of week, Possesive Adjectives, the Alphabet, The Alphabet Pyramid, the Alphabet Pronunciation, Giving instructions, This/These/That/Those, The/a/an, Classroom Language, the UK,

Unit 2


Unit 3
Present Simple (all verbs), Jobs,
The Time, 

Unit 4
Genitivo sajón, Family,
possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives or pronouns, pronouns and adjectives, clothes, Daily Routine, adverbs of frequency, 

Unit 5
present continuous, can/can´t

Unit 6
the date, exercises on dates, -ing spelling, object pronouns, 

Unit 7
Past tense of Be, Past Tense, Irregular Verbs, Irregular Verb List, Irregular Verb List Table,  Pronunciation of -ed,
Unit 8
  There is/are,   there was/were,
Unit 9
Some/any, how much/how many, going to,


New English File Intermediate

Unit 1
Classroom language, Past Tenses, Past Perfect, British Food, Pubs in the UK, Sport quizzes, Reflexive pronouns, Appearances (very important!), Future PPT 1, Future PPT 2,

Unit 2

Past Tense Regular Verbs,
Past Tense Pronunciation (-ed), PDF on Past Pronunciation, Comparative and Superlative, Reading Numbers, More Numbers, Past simple or Present Perfect?, Present Perfect PPT, Present Perfect Simple or Continuous PPT (see Advanced 1, unit 1),Past Perfect Continuous, Exercise on Past Perfect Continuous, Present Perfect Simple or Continuous?  Comparative and Superlative PPT, Further or farther?, Remarks on Comparative and Superlative, For or To?

Unit 3

Must or Have To?, modal verbs, modals PPT, modals PPT (2), adjectives: order and ed/ing, Table manners quiz, Read about minding our manners internationally, Have to and Don´t have to, Must and Musn´t, check these agreeing and disagreeing expressions and ApologizingBored vs. Boring, appearances

Unit 4
First conditional (1), First conditional, Spoken Calculations, Used to, Second Conditional
Revision of types of houses, Listening Apartments for rent, Still, Yet and Already, Slang words, Phrasal Verbs, Cars info, Prep and gerunds, Matchmaking Listening, Phrasal Verbs, Make or Do, Use to/be used to

Unit 5
Quantifiers (PPT), Quantifiers, For "some" and "any" review Elementary level, unit 7

Unit 6
Reported Speech, Reported Speech exercises, Indirect questions, Indirect Questions Presentation, Questions, Wacth the video and fill in the gaps1 and Video 2,  Passive exercise ,Hurricane exercise, Indirect speech, Animal idiom quiz and Face Idiom quizPassive 1 and Passive 2, Gerund or Infinitive?, See how much you know about movies, At the Mall, Reported Speech, Find the 14 errors in this complaint letter,
Unit 7
Third Conditional, Question Tags, Passive Voice
Reported Speech (review and questions), Superstitions about good-luckThings you can´t live withoutPhrasal Verbs Quizzes1 and Phrasal Verbs 2 , Mixed Conditionals, Songs,

A formal letter, a review, a short story, an email, an essay
Speakout samples

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New English File Upperinterm.

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Do you know that there are many Spanish singers who sing in English? Russian Red, Annie B Sweet, etc. This is a song by Marlango (Leonor Watling´s group). Listen and enjoy!

I still havent´found what I´m looking for (Spanish and English version)




Click here!

  • How Spanish pronounce English words 

  • Do you think your English is "nivel medio"? Watch this video

  • Do you want to be a perfect British? Watch this presentation:



Reading (do the reading and the quiz to understand how the system works in the USA)

Do you know Scotland? Don´t miss Edinburgh in August, it´s amazing! Watch this video to check it

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Hello, hello!

This is a blog to improve your English, I hope you´ll enjoy it!

We´ll focus on Vaughan systems and all the information they provide to learn English. It´s a very famous system to learn English you can follow on TV and radio, but be careful you may get hooked on it!

You can listen to him on the radio or watch him on TV. Here you can find some more information on him